Resource Overseas Food Distribution
Resource Overseas Foods Distribution
is an international foodstuff distributor based in Dubai. The Company productively cooperates with largest international foodstuff manufacturers from Europe, Asia and America since 2016.
The key partner of our Company since its founding is the Resource Agribusiness Group one of the largest Russian producers and exporters of food products.
Resource Overseas Foods Distribution is a Company that provides the highest level of product and service, supplying food to nearly 40 countries around the world.
Discover new possibilities and prospects for further development arising from mutual cooperation.
True halal
Products are Shariah-compliant which has been proved by number of serious inspections. For the production we use poultry grown on organic feed without any animal ingredients and GMO. Organization of halal production is certified according to the standards Halal-PPT-SMR.
We also wish that along with our vast production experience, stage-managed professionalism and advanced technologies which stand for every product you would see and feel our tactful attitude towards our customers who are Muslims:
  • Creation of the most natural and comfortable conditions for birds growing
  • Growing on natural plant feed without components of animal origin, growth stimulants and GMO
  • Confirmed absence of any chickens disease
  • The implementation of the ritual of manual slaughter quickly and mercifully by practicing Muslims historically live in the North Caucasus
  • The most complete removal of blood in a natural way after the slaughter of birds, bleeding time is more than 180 seconds
  • Careful observance of hygienic standards at all stages of production, including storage and logistics
Quality and safety are our key priorities. Thus we choose our partners very thoroughly and strictly control production, storage and transportation processes.
Our compulsory requirement to manufacturers is the availability of certificates, confirming the compliance with the requirements of importing countries. Halal Certificates are among them.
High quality standards of products have enabled us to pass the certification of strict control authorities:
United Arab Emirates Ministry of Industry & Advanced Technology
The GULFTIC-ICSC HALAL certification
Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA)
Veterinary Directorate of Iraq
Department of Kashruth of the Chief Rabbinate of Russia